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Aguilera, Andrés and Arregocés Silva, Liseth Johana and Andrade, Eduardo. (2018). Marine biofouling invertebrates in the hull of the ship ARC “20 de Julio”. Boletín Científico CIOH (36). 03-16. doi https://doi.org/10.26640/22159045.435

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Disponible bajo licencia Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike.

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Colombia’s First Scientific Expedition to the Antarctic was performed between December of 2014 and April of 2015 on board the ship ARC “20 Julio”. Before and after departure, divers collected samples of marine organisms adhering to ship´s submerged external structures. The marine invertebrates were taxonomically identified and the condition of origin (native species, invasive or cryptogenic) was established. The marine fauna was represented by phylum arthropod, mollusk, annelid and porifera. The Balanidae family contributed the largest number of individuals, consisting of the species Balanus Amphitrite, Balanus reticulatus and Balanus eburneus, followed Mitilidae family, represented by species such as Brachidontes domingensis and Brachidontes exustus. The species identified are recognized as common members of fouling communities around the world and some have been listed as introduced to the Cartagena Bay. This research is developed as a basis for future studies of fouling organisms in the port of Cartagena, to minimize, control or prevent negative effects on port and shipping activities and the expansion of marine species into new marine coastal areas.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Invertebrados marino. Bioincrustantes. ARC “20 de Julio”. Primera Expedición Científica Colombiana a la Antártica
Geographical coverage : Antártica
Depositing User: Dirección General Marítima
ISSN: 2215-9045
Identification Number: https://doi.org/10.26640/22159045.435

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