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Armada De Colombia, . and Dimar, .. (2022). Galeón San José, I Campaña de verificación no intrusiva para la seguridad del bien de interés cultural del ámbito nacional. Bogotá D.C., Colombia: Dimar. doi:

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Over the past three centuries, the Galleon San José has aroused the interest of sailors, historians, archaeologists, academics, scientists and citizens around the world. Its significance, as the flagship of the Armada de la Guarda within Carrera de Indias maritime route, dedicated to protect and transport the treasury of the Spanish Royal Crown in the Americas, has made it the object of a Deep interest regarding matters such as the people who boarded the ship, its structure and naval design, the impressive vestiges of civilizations’ past that can be discovered through its cargo and the amazing details of the last naval battle it held against the english fleet near the bay o Cartagena de Indias, in 1708. The curiosity developed around the shipwreck has sparked Deep discussions over international rights, related to the country’s maritime limits and about to exert the sovereignty over national waters, that even date back to the 1980s. The image mythical image of this vessel at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea has also brought with it diverse artistic and literary manifestations, some of them embellished by the masterful prose of our Nobel Prize in Literature, Gabriel García Márquez. The existence of such an important shipwreck located in our maritime territory reminds us that Colombia is a country with a high number of Underwater Cultural Heritage, to be found along the coastlines and deep waters that connect the San Andrés and Providencia archipelago and La Guajira peninsula; Cartagena de Indias’ or Santa Marta’s harbor; and, in the Pacific Ocean, Buenaventura or Tumaco’s ports, amongst other territories, that allow us to engage with that common past, resting at the bottom of the sea. The ocean itself has been a bedrock of our history as a nation, and, without a shadow of a doubt, has seeped into our culture as a Bioceanic country. The fascination that comes from researching and discovering the secrets of the sea’s depths, exemplified perfectly in cultural contexts such as the Galleon San José, provides opportunities for the scientific study of the maritime territory and also a route for engaging with history, our own strategic position, and both traditions or connections that, for a long time, have made us part of the world. Given the challenge entailed by researching and protecting its maritime resources, Colombia has taken unto itself the carrying out of the first non-intrusive verification campaign for the Security of Underwater Cultural Heritage Galleon San José, making the most of the human resources, technological developments and the government’s goodwill to achieve this milestone for the nation’s scientific maritime research. We are confident that the conduct of this campaign places Colombia am international benchmark in discussions on scientific research and protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage, under the guidance of both women and men with a duty to protect what’s symbolized by the blue banner of the national flag.

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