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Mosquera Mosquera, Alba Idalia. (1992). La contaminación orgánica un posible precursor de la eutroficación en la Ensenada de Tumaco. Boletín Científico CCCP (3). pp. 31-49. doi


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This study is made in order to contribute to the knowledge and monitoring of the possible ocurence of a process of eutrophication in Tumaco Ensenada waters, to make recomendations which tend to prevent and/or controllit oportunely. Monthly samples are performed to determine, in previously stablished stations, levels of solved oxigen, biochemical demand of oxigen, nutrients (nitrits, nitrats, amonie, and phosphats) floating solid, chlorophils, temperature, salinity and transparense; complemented to microbiological studies to determine total coliphorms, biological to identify phitoplancton and oceanographics to determine the dynamic of the waters in the Tumaco Ensenada. In general, the found ranges to major of those parameters could be considered as unlikeable in some other waters of world, but in the case of Tumaco, they have not been constant valúes spacetemporaly talking, which demostrates that the dynamic of that waters permits an exchange and renovation of water mases. Eventhough waters of Tumaco Ensenada are not in process of eutrophication, they present all the characteristics which make it a zone were, if not adecúate sanitary measures are taken, an acelérate eutrophic state could be verificated, as a consequence of domestic and industrial disponses added to the material transported by the rivers. It is recommended to authorities to act in order to avoid the development of that process in the Ensenada and it requires the assumption of measures to the control of the chemical and organic disponses vertiment and preservation of the sea enviroment.

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Geographical coverage : Ensenada de Tumaco. Pacífico colombiano
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