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Prada Ríos, Jorge Eliécer and Zambrano Ortiz, Mónica María. (2006). Toxicidad Aguda y Bioacumulación de dos Hidrocarburos aromáticos Policíclicos (Naftaleno y Fluoranteno) en un molusco Bivalvo. Boletín Científico CCCP (13). pp. 53-64. doi


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In the present study was determined the susceptibility of the bivalve mollusk Anadara tuberculosa, to two polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (naphtalene and fluoranthene), high-priority pollutants of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) due to its genotoxic and cancerigenic potential. It carried out tests of acute toxicity, in the that this specie was exposed to the action of each one of these compounds during 96 hours and later on, starting from the obtained information, were developed bioaccumulation tests by a period of 30 days. The lethal concentrations (CL50 96h) equivalent to 8.66 ppm for the test carried out with naphtalene and of 113.47 ppm corresponding to the fluoranthene. The analysis of the bioaccumulation levels allowed to evaluate the cycle of absorption, retention and excretion of these hydrocarbons in the organisms, observing values that oscillated between 0.16 and 3.42 ppm for the naphtalene, while for the fluoranthene, the range of accumulation was between 194.77 and 1011.30 ppm. These results evidence a higher concentration capacity for the fluoranthene, related with their physiochemical characteristics and of toxicity. The contamination for hydrocarbons can cause a serious economic impact in the coastal activities and affect to the communities that exploit the marine resources and the accumulation of this substances in the organisms can represent a potential problem of public health

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Anadara Tuberculosa. Naftaleno. Fluoranteno. Hidrocarburos aromáticos Policíclicos (HAP). Toxicidad aguda. Bioacumulación. Genotóxico. Cancerígeno
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