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Jaimes Martínez, Juan Carlos and López Peralta, Raúl Hernando. (2008). Larvas filosomos de la langosta espinosa Panulirus Gracilis en el Océano Pacífico colombiano, septiembre de 2007. Boletín Científico CCCP (15). pp. 33-45. doi


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In September of 2007 mesozooplankton samples were taken from the Colombian Pacific Ocean using a bongo net, with meshes of 294 and 520 µm. Oblique hauls were carried out to a depth of 184 ± 42 m in 23 stations. Of the 46 obtained samples the phyllosoma larvae were extracted to be identified and to be quantified establishing its distribution. Biometric measurements were made on larvae to present descriptions of the development stages. Only nine larvae of Panulirus gracilis of the stages III, IV, V, VIII, IX and X were caught, which density was estimated between 4 and 14 Ind/1000 m3 per station. A wide horizontal distribution was demonstrated, observing larvae as futical miles offshore. Although the highest capture was realized at night and in first quarter, it was not possible to relate this with the circadian migration of phyllosoma, because of its low number and the type of sampling. The presence of different development stages in a same station suggested a mixing of different spawnings. All larval phases had smaller size than those of other regions, probably due to biological and environmental factors not considered.

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